April 18, 2024

Novak triumphs over Manarin

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Novak Đoković was pleased with his performance against Adrian Mannarino, and he considered it to be his best match in a long time. He believed that he played excellently from the first point to the last. Playing against Adrian was not easy, as he was an orthodox player who used angles effectively and had a consistent backhand. Novak had to endure a physically demanding battle in long rallies and make Adrian run. Whenever he needed a first serve, it came through for him. Overall, Novak was pleased with his performance.

He acknowledged that as the tournament progresses, the opponents get tougher. While he always wants to finish matches quickly, he was satisfied with his current position. When asked about his upcoming opponent, Novak jokingly said that he hoped the match would go into a fifth set, last for more than six hours, get interrupted by rain, and have power outages. However, he then turned serious and acknowledged that there are no easy matches at this stage, and he needs to be prepared for whoever comes his way.

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