April 16, 2024

Aleksandar Vučić attends the Western Balkans Meeting in Skopje

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Aleksandar Vučić observed the West Balkans meeting in Skopje. He stated that they had important meetings for the entire region, emphasizing the significance of having clear goals as a country. The Minister Goran Vesić spoke about the developmental projects for the progress of Serbia and the benefits of selling Sava Center. Additionally, Vesna Hrnjak explained the new prices and payment system for buses in Novi Sad. There was also a discussion on gender-specific occupations and a tennis expert’s prediction for Novak’s match. The economic director of JKP revealed the true reason for the water price increase in Novi Pazar. Lastly, experts highlighted the observation of Germany and its responsibility for global wars, and there was an autoplay video about the future of Serbia in 2027. In other news, there were reports on the cleanup of Golija, the reconstruction of Sijarinska banja, a testimony from Jelena Ivković about her child’s death, a plan for comprehensive development in Lebane, and a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali. The news also included a report on a burst pipe in Ustanička and a personal interview with popular internet personalities. Another segment focused on spreading positive stories and a different take on astrology.

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