April 24, 2024

Kako se beogradsko dete Nikola transformisalo u gorštaka u Toplici (VIDEO)

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Nikola (25) is certainly not an average young man from Belgrade. While his peers live a fast-paced life in the capital city, in 2022 he decided to change that lifestyle and move to the mountain village of Tovrljane, near Prokuplje, Kuršumlija, and Prolom Banja. I liked it even back then. So, I have been attached to this village for a long time. “You can do whatever you want – fruits, livestock, bees,” said Nikola. In the first year, he had the support – especially from his grandfather who was with him in the village. However, due to health issues, his grandfather had to go back to Belgrade, but Nikola hopes that he will return soon. “When I arrived, I told my grandfather while we were clearing the land that I will buy sheep and start raising them. He told me not to joke because I knew nothing about them, but I was willing to buy them. Then I called my brother, he took care of everything and the sheep arrived two days later, and I quickly built a stable,” says Nikola for the YouTube channel “Povratak na selo” and adds that shortly after that he decided to get goats, which he still takes care of today.

Nikola is a hardworking young man, and he has a strong desire to make his life in the village better. After his grandfather’s help, he is now doing everything on his own and building everything himself during his absence. “Everything on the house, from the insulation, plastering, and everything, I did it all by myself after my grandfather temporarily left for Belgrade. I learned the necessary skills for building and taking care of the house from my father who works in construction, so there weren’t any problems continuing my grandfather’s tasks,” he confesses for the YouTube channel “Povratak na selo,” and adds that he doesn’t have any machines, so he does everything manually. But as he says, it’s not hard for him because he is accustomed to physical work, and it comes as a kind of training for him.

Nikola admits that he currently doesn’t have a car, and since there is no transportation available in the village, when he goes to Kuršumlija, he usually goes on foot, which takes him about four to five hours. However, he says that together with his neighbors who come in the summer, they have made an agreement to fix the road themselves next summer. Also, since there is another person from Belgrade who came to the Toplica region, a slightly older man named Milan Vasiljević, he decided to give Nikola two goats as a gift.

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