April 13, 2024

Veliki problem za Mbapea, sa majkom koja ga ucenjuje poput kamatara.

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Revised text:

Fajza Lamari has a huge influence on her son, and the public is already well aware of how things work between them. She is known in football circles as a tough negotiator, and she is even not lenient towards Kylian. “I told him that he has to give at least 30 percent of his salary, that I won’t accept anything less than that, or I will retire, go to the Maldives or somewhere similar, and stop working for him,” Lamari said at the promotion of the “Inspired by KM” foundation. She then added, “At the beginning, I told him it had to be 50 percent, but we talked and reached 30 percent.”

In addition, through the “Inspired by KM” foundation, Mbappe and his family aim to provide gifted young people with a pleasant and normal life, without sacrifice. Recently, the French footballer emphasized how much he misses a normal life. “I would pay a lot of money to be able to go to the bakery to buy bread or do similar things that normal people do. I have lost spontaneity, everything around me is calculated,” said Mbappe.

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